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St. John the Apostle Anglican Church
One of the first churches built it Port Moody, it was constructed in 1900 and consecrated the following year. It was expanded in 1959, and stucco applied over the original siding. Although stone cladding was added at the foundation level and the original windows were replaced, its original structure is still recognizable and it remains one of the oldest surviving buildings in Port Moody

Roe Residence
In 1913, Perry Douglas Roe became the first mayor of Port Moody. The architect of Roe's house, Joseph Bowman, later designed Port Moody's first City Hall. Adapted for use as a restaurant, a large addition was built onto the west side. This beautifully detailed example of the Foursquare Style was designated a Municipal Heritage Site on October 16, 1978.

Old City Hall
Beautifully detailed and preserved, Port Moody's first City Hall has a grand symmetrical entry, befitting its civic purpose, but also shows the influence of the Craftsman Style more often seen in residential buildings. Although a new City Hall was opened in 1995, this building has been maintained for arts and cultural purposes. Designated a Municipal Heritage Site on October 16, 1978, this building stands as a proud reminder of the city's origins.


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