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Upcoming Events

We do not know when we will be back to regular Wednesday evenings at the Scandinavian Community center in Burnaby.

2nd and 4th Wednesdays, however, we invite you to join us as our Zoom Dance Socials.

Click here - and we'll send you a link to our next Zoom meeting. 

Past Virtual Events

Where we have demos of our virtual Wednesday evening dances taught, you can find them on YouTube in our Zoom dance demos setlist. A list of the dances is given here with direct links. Comments about the evening are on the Virtual Dance Blog.

Linerender, May 27, 2020, taught by Ross Schipper

Compass Minuet, June 10, 2020, taught by Pia Christensen

Compass minuet demo video and link to written instructions

Compass minuet written instructions

Annas Visa, June 25, 2020, taught by Ross Schipper

Odina’s Bakmes to Vals, July 8, 2020, taught by Soren Huber (aka the Flamingo dance)

Riitta’s Tango, July 30, 2020 , taught by Riitta Huttunen

Riitta’s Tango Full Dance

Riitta’s Tango First Part: Box step

Riitta’s Tango Second Part: Grapevine

Boot Scootin’ Boogie to Reinlender, August 12, 2020, taught by Sigrid Felland

Teaching video by Sigrid for Boot Scootin' Boogie

written instructions for Sigrid's Boot Scootin' Boogie

Malmö (Munkedals) Mazurka, August 26, 2020, taught by Janet Gabites

Bugg Line Dance, September 9, 2020, taught by Soren Huber

Crab to the right, Crab to the left, Scarecrow, Skater, and CCW Turn

Swedish Bugg Line Dance to a slowed down version of Känslan från Igår

Swedish Bugg Line Dance to full speed

Zwiefacher, September 23, 2020, taught by Lisa Brooks

Springar, October 14, 2020, taught by Soren Huber and Loretta Kelley

Review night, October 28, 2020.

Seattle Polka, November 11, 2020, taught by Wendy Cutler.

Video of the teaching at Seattle Polka - Quarantine Version on YouTube.

Kørsdans, November 26, 2020, taught by Roo Lester.

Salty Dog Rag, December 9, 2020, taught by Wendy Cutler.

Several links are in the Virtual Dance Blog. Here's one: TNTPD - Salty Dog Rag.wmv - YouTube

Dance a mile, January 13, 2021, exercise routine led by Soren Huber

Easy Does It Hambo, January 27, 2021, taught by Harry Khamis

Tokyo Polka, February 10, 2021, taught by Roo Lester

Easy Does It Boda Polska, February 24, 2021, taught by Harry Khamis

Review night, March 10, 2021

Halling, March 24, 2021, taught by Soren Huber and Ross Schipper

Åtapprox Polska, April 14, 2021, taught by Soren Huber

Finnskogs pols for One, April 28, 2021, taught by Soren Huber

Sønderhoning, May 12, 2021, taught by Pia Christensen

Boda polska for one, May 26, 2021, taught by Soren Huber

Finnish Fun, June 9, 2021, dances reviewed and taught by Soren Huber

AGM June 16, 2021, also featured special concerts by Loretta Kelley and Andrea Hoag

Electric Slide, June 23, 2021, taught by Sigrid Felland

Bingsjö Polska for One, July 14, 2021, taught by Ross Schipper

Røros Pols, July 28, 2021, taught by Soren Huber

Royal Empress Tango, August 11, 2021, taught by Wendy Cutler

Zweifachers, August 25, taught by Lisa Brooks

We have continued with our dances on the second and fourth Wednesdays, but we are mostly doing programmer's requests, with requests by others welcome.






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