Known Associates

Some friends of mine on the web.

Rob Bell ("Bell Boy")

Former co-worker of mine at Prism/Nortel who left the country to do good deeds in Costa Rica and Nicaragua for some NGOs after doing a Latin American Management Program from Capilano College.

Joe Dobson ("Japanese Joe")

Former roommate of mine, born to plant trees. Recently returned to Canada after spending a few years in Japan teaching English while also studying and then getting an MBA. I went to his second wedding in Thailand in August, 1999. He married the same woman twice - once here in Canada and then once again in Thailand in a traditional Buddhist ceremony. Currently working as the director of the Burnaby Heights Merchants association.

Roland Tanglao ("What's to eat?")

A former co-worker of mine Nortel who I first met way back in 1988 when I used to have long hair and a scraggly beard and was a snot-nosed dumb co-op student working at BNR (Big Nerd Ranch) in Ottawa. (Gee - so much has changed since then.) He has travelled around and worked in various Nortel locations including Germany and lastly here in Richmond. After the local Nortel layofs he is now doing contract work related to weblogging of which he cannot talk too much about. He has an unnatural obsession for dancing and his wife shares this passion so it can be hard to get any time from him as his social calendar is always booked up with some activity or another.

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