What Walter Does for a Living

A computer data head. Right now I work for a small high tech company located in downtown Vancouver called Triant Technologies where I do Configuration Management and tools development.

Nortel Networks

Until Fall of 2001 I had been working for Nortel Networks at their Richmond, BC location. Mostly I have written software for UNIX based Network Management Systems that manage voice and data networks. The last thing that I worked on was various internal proprietary test tools and simulators. I also was the local webmaster at work for our location on our intranet and have worked on various UNIX system-administration tasks in the past.

I started working for Nortel (actually a subsidiary company called Prism Systems which was 51% owned by Nortel at the time and then later on bought out 100% by Nortel) after I finished my studies at SFU and graduated with a BSc majoring in Computer Science. Here's a picture of me hard at work:

A hard worker (42K)

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