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Appleyard Residence
This impressive house features a bellcast hip roof and a full open front verandah. The landscape is unique with mature hollies at the front and trees of significant growth. Minnie Appleyard owned it until the mid 1920s.

Grocery Store
The grocery store was built just after a fire in 1912 burned many buildings on this stretch. Typical of the era, it has living quarters above the retail area, and a false front parapet that increases the apparent size of the building. The form of the building is intact, but the storefronts have been replaces with metal sash, and the front façade has been stuccoed.

Thurston Residence
Built for Robert Jabez Thurston, a partner in the Thurston-Flavelle Lumber Company, and his wife, Elizabeth Lillian Thruston, this house was valued at $5,000 in 1913 and was the most costly and impressive of its time. Currently a rectory for the adjacent church, it has seen the replacement of the first and second floor windows and the removal of the original front balustrades.

P. Burns & Co
Pat Burns began his lucrative career supplying cattle to Klondike gold miners. This two-storey commercial/residential structure was built by P. Burns & Co., Calgary as part of their extensive chain of butcher stores. The building is in its original condition, and has been completely restored including the reconstructed upstairs suite.

Royal Bank
This distinctive commercial building in near original condition was the second home of the Royal Bank on Clarke St. The public office was located on the first floor, while the banker lived upstairs. The train station was located next door until 1976, and the building, which is now a giftstore, remains a Clarke Street's landmark.

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